This is the README file for the bot that you can use to get free BTC every single hour with the free rolls as well as gamble that free BTC to try to gain more BTC or you can deposit your own BTC if you're in a hurry and want to make more BTC than the free faucet gives you.

The Discord for this bot is located here: where you can read the channel history to see just how successful people have been in the past as well as join in the community with suggestions, stories, etc.

You can download a pre-compiled version of the bot here: (NOTE: This is a windows only app, so you'll need windows or parallels/VirtualBox if you run Mac or Linux). The sourcecode of the bot is in discord but requires you be a developer in order to make any use of it.

The referral link you need to use with this app is here: Once you signup with that link and make 1 free roll (this insures that you show up on my referrals list), you can use this app simply by placing your account's username/pw in it's config file.

First, unzip the file with 7z, winrar, or whatever you have (found here: and place it in a folder of your choosing. Next, traverse to where you unzipped it and edit the Data/config/config.ini file

Next, input your username/pw in the Data/config/config.txt file. The ; at the end of the username and pw fields is required. Failing to include them will result in login failures.

Open a command prompt and traverse to where you unzipped the files and type "freebitco". This will present you a list of the following commands IF your u/p are good:
Syntax: freebitco.exe [arguments]
Available commands:
dice (Roll multiplier dice on the LIVE freebitco server!)
dice test (Roll multiplier LOCALLY which will not touch your freebitco account, its for testing the settings)
freeroll (Roll the Free Roll dice, only works if your account has no captcha on it, to remove captcha PERMANENTLY, deposit at least 0.01BTC with freebitco and you'll never have recaptcha ever again. Run this once every hour with Windows Scheduler)
freeroll silent (Only useful for Windows scheduler, run with no output)
rewards (Only useful for Windows scheduler, run this once every hour)
rewards silent (Same as above except it outputs nothing)
IE: freebitco.exe dice <-- This rolls the multiply dice based on configs in Data/config/config.ini on the LIVE freebitco server
IE: freebitco.exe dice test <--- This tests the configs using a balance file in Data/tmp/debug_balance, you can edit debug_balance file to have any balance you want.
IE: freebitco.exe dice test 210000 <--- Test with a 210000 nanosecond pause to simulate real time (roughly 4bets per second).

I highly recommend putting both "freebitco.exe freeroll silent" and "freebitco.exe rewards silent" in Winblows scheduler once per hour. Rewards will only activate once every 24hrs, but if your computers clock is off, it may skip a day. So it's easier to just set it to run every hour instead. It wont hurt anything the other 23hrs to have it attempt to add it and fail.

FUN TOKENS (NEW): You need to buy 2500 tokens in order to remove the "Captcha" on the free rolls. Just get 2500 and keep them locked up for 365 days. You also get access to the "Wheel of Fortune" which is essentially just a watered down version of the existing "Free Rolls". It's not as good because it gives "Lottery tickets", but it does give sats and reward points as well. So you'll want to keep as many Fun tokens as you can afford in your account. The more you have, the better your free roll results will be.

The app has lots of cryptic looking abbreviations in it's output. This legend tells you what they all mean.
05-15-17 11:46:11| WL:l|B:0.00000001|C:0.05785144|S:0.05005067|HL:0.05785160/0.04827574|SL:0|BLS:231|L:110356|W:7329|BB:0.00018333|BDD:0.00399536|R:2786|T:0.00875500|M:5.58|TB:Disabled|TS:0.05150000

stats_line legend:
WL = Win/Loss status for this bet
B = The current bet amount
C = Current Balance
S = Starting Balance
HL = Highest and Lowest balance this session
SL = Total Stoplosses hit this session
BLS = Biggest Losing Streak this session
L = Total losses this session
W = Total wins this session
BB = Biggest bet this session
BDD = Biggest Draw Down on your balance this session
R = Roll result for this bet
T = Total BTC wagered this session
M = Multiplier used for this bet
TB = Target Balance for this session
TS = Trailing Stoploss for this session
ST = Session time in Hours. When in TEST mode, this number is only an ESTIMATE of the time if it were a real session.
MBC = max_bet counter, this is how many times max_bet has been hit (only registers after a win when max_bet is in use).
CLS = Current losing streak
MCLS = Most common losing streak in the current session
NMW = Non-Martingale wins. This is the 1st bet of any streak. I use the 1st bet as sort of a 'jackpot' bet. If it hits, I win huge. If it fails, then the martingale bets take over to win back what I lost on the first bet plus more. The end result is that I get more shots at 'hitting the jackpot' I guess you could say. So the real workhorse are the martingale bets and thats where you'll get most of your gains, that 1st big bet is just a 'wow I got lucky!' bet.
NML = Non-Martingale losses. This is basically how many times your first bet of every streak fails.
CDD = Current Draw Down