This is the README file for the bot that you can use to get free BTC every single hour with the free rolls as well as gamble that free BTC to try to gain more BTC or you can deposit your own BTC if you're in a hurry and want to make more BTC than the free faucet gives you.

Before you begin using this bot or freebitco in general (using my bot or not), one of the first things you should do is disable the lottery tickets in your profile so that you receive Reward points instead. The lottery is just a scam, NEVER participate in it. Always use RP's because they act as a refund on some of the losses you can incur when gambling.

You can watch me run the bot on my youtube LIVE channel also here: or (I alternate between them) It shows the bot running as well as a live web browser window of my freebitco account showing the balance change. The bot is faster than the web browser updating so it's slightly off but it's still very close to real time. As close as I could get it anyway.

The Discord for this bot is located here: where you can read the channel history to see just how successful people have been in the past as well as join in the community with suggestions, stories, etc.

You can download the bot here: (NOTE: This is a windows only app, so you'll need windows or parallels/VirtualBox if you run Mac or Linux).

The referral link you need to use with this app is here: Once you signup with that link and make 1 free roll (this insures that you show up on my referrals list), you can use this app simply by placing your account's username/pw in it's config file.

First, unzip the file with 7z, winrar, or whatever you have (found here: and place it in a folder of your choosing. Next, traverse to where you unzipped it and edit the Data/config/config.ini file

Next, input your username/pw in the Data/config/config.txt file. The ; at the end of the username and pw fields is required. Failing to include them will result in login failures.

Open a command prompt and traverse to where you unzipped the files and type "freebitco". This will present you a list of the following commands IF your u/p are good:
Syntax: freebitco.exe [arguments]
Available commands:
dice (Roll multiplier dice on the LIVE freebitco server!)
dice test (Roll multiplier LOCALLY which will not touch your freebitco account, its for testing the settings)
freeroll (Roll the Free Roll dice, only works if your account has no captcha on it, to remove captcha PERMANENTLY, deposit at least 0.01BTC with freebitco and you'll never have recaptcha ever again. Run this once every hour with Windows Scheduler)
freeroll silent (Only useful for Windows scheduler, run with no output)
rewards (Only useful for Windows scheduler, run this once every hour)
rewards silent (Same as above except it outputs nothing)
IE: freebitco.exe dice <-- This rolls the multiply dice based on configs in Data/config/config.ini on the LIVE freebitco server
IE: freebitco.exe dice test <--- This tests the configs using a balance file in Data/tmp/debug_balance, you can edit debug_balance file to have any balance you want.
IE: freebitco.exe dice test 210000 <--- Test with a 210000 nanosecond pause to simulate real time (roughly 4bets per second).

I highly recommend putting both "freebitco.exe freeroll silent" and "freebitco.exe rewards silent" in Winblows scheduler once per hour. Rewards will only activate once every 24hrs, but if your computers clock is off, it may skip a day. So it's easier to just set it to run every hour instead. It wont hurt anything the other 23hrs to have it attempt to add it and fail.

The app has lots of cryptic looking abbreviations in it's output. This legend tells you what they all mean.
05-15-17 11:46:11| WL:l|B:0.00000001|C:0.05785144|S:0.05005067|HL:0.05785160/0.04827574|SL:0|BLS:231|L:110356|W:7329|BB:0.00018333|BDD:0.00399536|R:2786|T:0.00875500|M:5.58|TB:Disabled|TS:0.05150000

stats_line legend:
WL = Win/Loss status for this bet
B = The current bet amount
C = Current Balance
S = Starting Balance
HL = Highest and Lowest balance this session
SL = Total Stoplosses hit this session
BLS = Biggest Losing Streak this session
L = Total losses this session
W = Total wins this session
BB = Biggest bet this session
BDD = Biggest Draw Down on your balance this session
R = Roll result for this bet
T = Total BTC wagered this session
M = Multiplier used for this bet
TB = Target Balance for this session
TS = Trailing Stoploss for this session
ST = Session time in Hours. When in TEST mode, this number is only an ESTIMATE of the time if it were a real session.
MBC = max_bet counter, this is how many times max_bet has been hit (only registers after a win when max_bet is in use).
CLS = Current losing streak
MCLS = Most common losing streak in the current session
NMW = Non-Martingale wins. This is the 1st bet of any streak. I use the 1st bet as sort of a 'jackpot' bet. If it hits, I win huge. If it fails, then the martingale bets take over to win back what I lost on the first bet plus more. The end result is that I get more shots at 'hitting the jackpot' I guess you could say. So the real workhorse are the martingale bets and thats where you'll get most of your gains, that 1st big bet is just a 'wow I got lucky!' bet.
NML = Non-Martingale losses. This is basically how many times your first bet of every streak fails.
CDD = Current Draw Down

NOTE: Freebitco has also added captcha to the login process. The bot supports this but there is a slight issue with it on windows machines. When the image pops up, you can either type in the code in the console window or close the popup and then enter the code in the console window. However if you DONT close the paint window that pops up, you wont be able to see what you are typing. This is actually a problem with windows command line that I havent found a way around yet and I dont think its possible either. But even though you cant see what you're typing, its still works. You'll see what you typed after you close the paint window.

BTW, even if you dont actually use this script on a live account, you can at the very least use it for testing different configs. There is 1 catch however. I've developed it to only function on accounts that are my referrals which includes the test mode. So once you have an account that is my referral, you're free to use it as much as you want. Another catch is that since this is NOT simply a script, it is NOT platform independent. That means you have to use this on a Winblows machine. Feel free to fire up a Windows VirtualBox and put it in there if you want to protect yourself against any possible bad intentions I may or may not have. I have none, but blindly trusting people on the interwebs is just utterly stupid. As with sex, use protection son :D

As to the sourcecode, nope. I cant release that as it would then be possible to remove the referral requirement. If this goes well enough, I may consider releasing a portion of the code, or even all of it if someone wants to buy me out but dont bet on it. It would have to be a pretty hefty amount to consider selling out lol (like 3+BTC ). So ya, I dont foresee ever having to sell out lol.

So even if you dont use this on a live account, you can still play with it using the test mode just to see the "What if" factor. But dont forget, this app only works if your live account is my referrer and that includes use of the Testing feature :)

This section is for those that are skeptical or question my reasons for releasing such a potentially dangerous bot (dangerous in the sense that it could sink freebitco easily).

So the first question I'm going to get is "Well if its so good why did you give it out and not keep it to yourself". Well, 3 reasons:

1. I am not your typical gambling man. My type of "gambling" is trading. I like statistics and probabilities and trading is great for that. However I'm not dumping my own capitol into trading, so I instead use freebitco to fund ALL of my trading and god knows I'd be flat broke if it were not for this little bot lol. So the more I can make with freebitco to fund my trading addiction, the better for me.

2. I DO use this myself and you can watch me use it right on my youtube or dlive channels here: OR (I alternate between them), live, in person and in real time. Why? Because I want to teach others how to be successful which then makes them successful which in turn earns me more referral revenue. So yes I HAVE made a crap ton with this and I literally support my trading addiction with it on its own without the referrals. But if I can make more with it by giving it out to others, why not take a stab at that.

3. Freebitco isnt the only site I can run this bot on. I still have versions that work on other sites, but those other sites dont have referral programs so there is no incentive what so ever to release it for those sites. So if it goes under, it goes under. No big deal to me.

So those are the 3 reasons why I'm able to release this. I'm able to control how many people use it and I also gain something from people using it successfully. I dont really gain anything at all if people use it and lose everything. So its in my best interest to make sure they have a fighting chance at actually winning.

Another question will be "What if wetsuit closes shop because this puts him out of business?"

Short answer: He shouldnt be running a ponzi/pyramid scheme in the first place. It incentivizes people like me to abuse the referral portion. He's trying to abuse it to get people to gamble their life savings away and I'm going to abuse it by showing people how NOT to gamble their life savings away lol. Its a big vicious circle :)

Long answer: I dont care if freebitco closes shop if this bot reks them, there are plenty of other dice sites to run this on if it comes to that. Besides he claims that mining keeps the site profitable anyway. They also have a super high house edge compared to other dice sites which helps them stay in business as well (which they admit on their own site). This bot does lower that house edge to near 0 but not everyone on the planet will be able to use it. Only my own referrals will be able to use this (yes there is a catch lol, you have to be my referral for it to work ;) and if it becomes to popular, I'm going to simply stop allowing new users. First come first serve. My goal isnt to put wetsuit out of business and if he has a problem with it, he can simply ask me nicely to put some sort of cap on it, if it sounds reasonable, I'll do it. If it's unreasonable or a combative request at all, I'll probably do the complete opposite and let everyone and their dog abuse it by removing the referral requirement lol. This bot has the potential to sink his battleship or add more ships to his fleet. I'm not afraid of whatever he says/does lets just put it that way. He opted to run a casino with a stupidly high house edge, dealing with bots is a part of that. He will have to live with bots like this and should not complain about it. If he used a lower house edge, I would have targetted someone else so as not to jeopardize the site (it would be to large of a goldmine, my bot would destroy a dice site with something like a 1-3% edge). But 5%, I could careless if it goes under due to bot use. I targetted the site with he highest house edge on purpose. I do have a version that runs on other sites, but I'm not releasing that. Besides, they dont have referrals anyway so there is no incentive for me to release it to others. BTW, any site that has "referrals" or "Dividends" (that isnt confirming transactions via staking) is a pyramid/ponzi scheme. Freebitco is such an animal, I dont care how much "mining" he does.